Autism Spectrum Disorder And Autism Essay

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Autism is a neurological disorder with many forms and severities, better known as autism spectrum disorder, that begins early in childhood and lasts throughout the individual’s life. Autism spectrum disorder is defined as developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges (CDC). Previously, autism was recognized in distinct groups and types. Now, autism is referred to as a spectrum because there is an overlap among all the different forms of autism and a wide variation in symptoms. Autism is a very common disorder, and is more common among boys than girls. Autism spectrum disorder affects one out of every sixty-eight children in the United States (NIMH).
Moreover, autism seems to be an increasing diagnosis. However, it is not certain whether the growing number of diagnoses is because of a true increase or due to the increase of knowledge and improvement in detection. Autism disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors, and difficulty in social interaction (Autism Speaks). The disorders are also recognized with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination, attention, and multiple physical health issues. People with autism spectrum disorder might have trouble speaking with other people, and making eye contact during conversation. Additionally, they may show some behaviors that are repetitive, and have very restricted interests. Although
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