Autistic Self-Advocacy Organizations

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed on 10 December 1948, but it still did not include the rights of persons with disabilities. In other words, in many countries, people with disability did not have their rights guaranteed by law. So, soon organizations began to emerge to fight, represent and guarantee the rights of all people with disabilities. Today there are hundreds of them representing all types of disabilities, for example Autistic Minority International and The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP). The first one is an autism self-advocacy organization. The founder and president of this organization is Erich Kofmel. They act at the global political level (it is a NGO – non-governmental organization, and non-profit association). The purpose of this organization is to fight for the interests of autistics around the world at and through the United Nations, World Health Organization, and other international organizations. They promote and assist the participation of national and local self-advocacy groups at United Nations conferences and processes. They think that there is no cure for autism (medical care just improve the life quality and independence). …show more content…

They work to protect people who have experienced (or diagnosed with) madness, mental health problems or trauma. They want to end with forced drugging, forced electroshock and psychiatric incarceration; they believe that we have to respect individual integrity and free will. The organization is mostly lead by people who are “survivors of psychiatry”. CHRUSP is preoccupied about the promotion of medical model mental health treatment in the justice issues. They do not believe that the medical treatment is the solution, but they believe in a change in how patients with mental health problems are seen and treat by

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