Autocratic And Democratic Leadership Style

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As a company’s equipment reaches the end of its life cycle projects start to get organized to replace outdated equipment. As these projects are formed project managers are selected to manage all the complexities involved in replacing equipment. In some cases, managers or project managers are selected to manage turn around maintenance projects without taking into consideration any set of requirements (Obiajunwa, 2013). This means project managers may not have the right leadership style or set of skills to effectively manage and complete projects on time. Northhouse (2007) explained three leadership styles authoritarian, democratic and laissez-fair and their influences in his book Introduction to Leadership. Of those three I chose authoritarian and democratic for my research question. Is the authoritarian or democratic leadership style more effective for completing large-scale maintenance projects on time? The success of a project is ultimately the responsibility of the project manager and how well they can lead and organize their team. Leadership involves influencing people to achieve a common goal or shared objectives (Northhouse, 2007). Assigning the correct leadership style to a project may have a direct impact on a project success. Authoritarian, democratic, transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire are some of the leadership styles a project manager may have. Some of these may be more effective than others at completing projects on time. Morgan (2012) used
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