Automatic Weapon Ban

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Automatic Weapon Ban
July 20th, 2012, twelve are killed and fifty-eight are injured at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The man who killed them used a semi-automatic rifle with a one hundred round magazine. An automatic weapon has no use in the United States because all sporting events, and activities with guns can be accomplished without automatic weapons. It is important because it limits the possibilities of events like the shooting at the Sandusky school in Ohio. Some would say they are a good for shooting range activity and most people don’t commit crimes with them, getting rid of automatic weapons would get rid of the crimes committed with them overall. People die because of the actions taken with with assault rifles. Automatic weapons should be banned in the US because they are not needed for self defense, and they have almost no use in recreational activities.
A shotgun can offer just as much or even more protection than an automatic weapon because birdshot, which is a type of shotgun shell, fires multiple little balls at once. A person would only need one of these shots because it has a good radius. Inside a home, it is all close quarters, which removes the use of a long range weapon like an automatic rifle. It is better to have a gun that shoots a radius of projectiles to protect yourself. James D. Torr. stated,“A gun is used for protection in less than two percent of home invasion crimes” (web). An automatic weapon would not be as efficient because it only

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