Aviation Security: An Increased Focus and Concern

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Aviation Security: Aviation security primarily exists in order to prevent criminal activities in airports and on aircrafts in general. Civil aviation security is geared towards preventing criminal activities like sir piracy or hijacking, attack on passengers and aviation employees, and destruction of aircrafts. While aviation security was a minor concern in the initial years of aviation, it has become a major issue of concern in the modern world. Actually, civil aviation security is a high priority for air travelers, the international air community, and the Federal Government. The increased focus and concern on aviation security has been fueled by a series of events that have happened throughout the history of aviation. These events include hijackings, assault on passengers and aviation workers, and terrorism. Roles and Structures of DHS, TSA, and GAO: The Department of Homeland Security was created in November 2002 in attempts to enhance homeland security following the 9/11 terror attacks on the United States. This department started its operations in March 2003 and represented a combination of 22 federal agencies. This department and the agencies were mandated with the task of coordinating and centralizing the leadership of most of homeland security activities. The main role of the Department of Homeland Security is implementing the National Strategy for Homeland Security that was introduced in July 2002. The department has the dominant share of activities since it
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