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Award in Education and Training (City and Guilds 6502) Level 3 ‘RESOURCE PACK B’ Assignment construction kit This belongs to: ‘Andragogic Education’ - Aned Ltd. 11 Church Road, Great Bookham. KT233PB Contents Page Constructing your Award in Education and Training portfolio 3 Guide to writing Award in Education and Training answers 3 & 4 Assessment record form 6 A) Unit 301 – requirements and assessment criteria 9 B) Unit 302 – requirements and assessment criteria 18 C) Unit 305 – requirements and assessment criteria 35 Portfolio, completion tracking and submission details 42 Constructing your Award in Education and Training portfolio You will be developing a portfolio of evidence, structured using…show more content…
3. Consideration of how professional values impact on working in this area. 4. Evidence of a reflective approach. 6502 Level 3 - Form 1 Record of achievement Award in Education and Training ASSESSMENT RECORD Candidates Name and Enrolment no. (As required on the certificate) Candidates date of birth Centre Name Andragogic Education Centre number 002266 Assignments Credit value Pass/ Refer Marker signature and date IQA signature and date (if sampled) EQA signature and date (if sampled) A) Unit 301 3 B) Unit 302 6 C) Unit 305 3 Total credit value for the achievement of the Level 3 Award in Education & Training (6502) must equal 12 credits. Name of tutor/assessor: Chris Peter Signed Date: Name of Internal Quality Assessor: Susan Brennan Signed Date: Name of External Quality Assessor: Signed Date: Name of Subject Mentor (where applicable): Candidates address to which the City and Guilds certificate should be sent (by recorded delivery): Award in Education and Training FORM 8: SUMMATIVE PROFILE & ACTION PLAN (to be completed at the end of the programme on completion of 12 credits) Name of Candidate: Florian Stan Gheorghe Name of Tutor: C. Peter My overall development and strengths as a result of attending this programme: I now have a clearer understanding of the UK levels of education. This course has also opened my eyes to the underpinning theory of

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