B C Culture Essay

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Culture: B.C is very diverse, with cultures including Chinese, who immigrated to Canada to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway, Doukhobors, Russians who were banned from Russia because they refused to fight and immigrated here, and First Nations. Some of the sports played there include Fishing, Climbing, Biking, Hockey, and skiing.
Landscape: B.C.’s landscapes include rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, inland deserts and grassy plains. Most of B.C. is rough and unexplored, with few towns and roads. About half of the population of B.C. lives in the southern part of the province. A lot of B.C.’s forests are unmapped and unexplored.
Natural Resources: Some of the Natural resources include: Lumber, Water, Seafood, Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Zinc and Lead, Oil and Natural Gas, and Coal.
Urban/Rural: In 2011,
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has a lot of Vegetation because some of it used to be a rainforest or still are (Like Vancouver), and I can only name a few, because an entire list of about ½ of the Vegetation would take up about 5 pages, so some of the Vegetation are: Pine Trees, Birch Trees, ferns, and lots and lots of grass.
Climate: Summers on the coast are warm, with daytime temperatures around 20°C, but lots of rain (My grandparents live in Vancouver, so we visit them for about a week every year, and about 3 of the 7 days are rainy.) B.C.’s coastal regions have the mildest winters in all of Canada. The more Central regions of the province have hotter summers, with temperatures sometimes getting to 30°C or more. Winters are colder and snowier than in coastal regions. In the north, winters are long and cold with lots of snow, and summers are short.
First Nations Perspective: Just Recently, The first Nations in B.C. got angry at the Nestle water company because all of a sudden, The Nestle company was saying that it was the British Columbian’s, but the water they used was actually the First Nations. Overall, I think that the First
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