BMW: SWOT Analysis Of BMW

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This analysis is essential as it identifies what BMW can and cannot do and its probable opportunities and threats and determines what barrier should be minimize to achieve the desired objectives resulting into positive outcomes
I. SWOT Analysis:
Strength of BMW:
1. BMW is a well reputed, recognised and a prestigious automobile company in the world and was renounced for the same by Forbes in 2012 and is valued at $29 billion because of its quality and is positioned high because of its brand value and quality.
2. BMW’’s current market position is lucrative as it owns brands like Rolls Royce Motors, Mini Cooper etc and can convert its resources into sustainable competitive advantage in the long run.
3. BMW uses latest and innovative technology in its products that enhances its product quality, creating comfort and luxury for its customers and thus building brand and company reputation.
4. BMW has a well-built relationship with their
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Value Chain Analysis:
Inbound logistics
Majority of the European market is influenced by German manufacturers gor the supply of raw materials for production purposes hence BMW should store regular amount of inventory for just in time delivery this will minimise the huge supply and shipping cost for the company.
Bmw is dedicated towards manufacturing a quality and reliable product. Thus the production capacity facilitates BMW to attain its economies of scale as it claims to assemble each unit to provide a finest quality product in 10 days and it has the capability to carry out its operation at 60 hrs per week during low demand and 140 hrs per week during high demand. This indicates that’s the operational function runs smooth in BMW.
Outbound Logistics:
As there is a huge demand for BMW all over the world specifically in developed countries thus Bmw has initiated and successfully opened manufacturing units where the demand is high and in approximately all developed countries like US, Australia, etc .
Marketing &

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