Babe the Movie Essay

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Media Studies 342W – Professor Cornell
Short Essay #2 – Babe
Babe which came to the theatres in August of 1995 was a huge success. The film showed an orphaned pig who was all alone in the world until Farmer Hoggett brought the animal home after he had won the hog after guessing his weight correctly in a raffle. The pig was soon brought home to join the rest of the animal family and was quickly given the name Babe by his new and unlikely adoptive family, sheep dogs. This interesting family dynamic did not distract life on the farm. Instead daily routines proceeded as usual until the man of the house, Farmer Hoggett, somehow managed to get an idea in his head. The idea was one which he could not remove from his brain, to give Babe a chance …show more content…

Children who may think that they know best should still seek out assistance from their elders when the experience trouble. In each of the three motion pictures screen in class each of the characters seemed to not know their place in the world. The characters may have been lost, confused, despondent, or even stubborn but they each needed somebody to guide them along their path so they could come to the epiphany each of them desperately needed. The Wizard of Oz assisted Dorothy in realizing the truth about her home, Dickon showed Mary how to feel emotion and that is was a positive attribute and Babe would never have had a home, been consoled by the fact that he was the only one left from his family, or even had any motivation if Fly had not encouraged him along.
Adults, or at the very least somebody a few years older than us, has life experience to assist us on our own pathway and therefore we should listen to what they have to say. Although some people say "age is just a number" while I hear the intention of that statement it fails to grasp an even grander idea, with age comes experience. Young one always think that they know better when in reality it is their elders that do because of their worldly knowledge. Children should attempt to understand this for their own benefit. This may not be an easy thing to comprehend or accept but if they do they may be better off.
The film, while about

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