Baby Rohan Jameson Ramjit Is Growing Healthy As Ever

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3rd Trimester, 31 weeks and 4 days, Baby Rohan Jameson Ramjit is growing healthy as ever. During these past 7 months, I have gained so much love for someone I have never met before. Being 24 years old and becoming a mother has changed my views on life. Learning so much about caring for a newborn has brought on the thought of bottle feeding or breast feeding and trying to figure out which one is safer for his health. Children enter this world helpless, trying to understand their new environment and learning their new touch. Infants depend on the caring individuals around them, especially their mothers, to help them in their first few days of life to figure out the new aspect of life. It is the obligation of the parents to take care and nurture their newborn. Parents are to deliver for their children both through emotional needs as well as survival needs.
One thing about caring for a newborn is needing to be fed through the means of milk. Formula bottle feeding or milk from the breast is a decision made by the mother and father over doing their research of the health of their child. As stated in Nancy E. Wright’s article on the progression of breastfeeding, Aristotle said, “There is a reason behind everything in nature.” Certain incidences take place in nature that has effects or consequences to them. Choosing to breastfeed is a decision that new mothers make that requires sacrifice and hard work, yet has the prospective to be a very healthy food nutrient for infants.

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