Baby Steps : How And How Can These Be Avoided?

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Baby Steps
What gives students the ambition to write? Is it the state of mind that students enjoy when writing or is it the final grade that strives students to craft a good structured, well thought out paper? Also, what obstacles do students encounter when writing, and how can these be avoided? In the past week I have taken the time to observe and take notes on students and focused on what strives them to write. The results that I have inquired can come as a shock or can be something that is already known. “Writing is a way of discovering, of learning, of thinking.” (WaW Pg.115)
When a person is inspired to write or is even forcefully encouraged to write for an assignment, there must be a starting point, a beginning, or something that a …show more content…

In the article, “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers”, Sommers states that “Experienced writers say their drafts are not determined by time, that rewriting is a constant process that they feel as if (they) can go on forever. (WaW Pg.584) In this article, Sommers is comparing student writers and experienced writers. In her findings, she concluded that she found the student writers that she took time to observed failed to take advantage of the revision process, when writing a paper. Some students see revising as “changing words” when that’s not the case whatsoever. Revising is an act of changing more than words-context, sentence structures and incorrect grammar and punctuation. “Composing does not occur in a straightforward, liner fashion. The process is one of accumulating discrete bits to reflect upon, structure, and then further develop what one means to say. Rereading or backward movements become a way of assessing whether or not the words on the page adequately capture the original sense intended. Also, Sommers takes time and talks about speech and writing and what differentiates the two.” (WaW Pg. 631) The act of revision is what separates speech from written text. One is able to revise and to craft a well- written text, but is not able to do so from something spoken.
In the past week I have spent time and conducted a

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