What I Learned in English 1100-40 in College Essay

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As I look back into my high school years, I thought I wrote papers well. But then coming into a college environment, my papers were mediocre. By overlooking at my past papers, I found that they were unorganized, sloppy and had bad use of diction. From now on, I will use the tools I learned in English 1100-40 as a foundation for the future papers I intend on writing in college. Following the criteria of organizing ideas so that they flow, impacting the reader with diction and also by being creative, will help become an ideal writer. Following the criteria of staying motivated in short and long term goals, taking responsibility for actions and finally the ability to study well will help me develop into a supreme student.
I have always had troubles writing the introduction of papers. The introduction is the base and sets the mood of the whole paper. I believe it is the most important paragraph in the paper. But once I develop the introductory paragraph, I find the rest of the paper easier to write. In order for me to better myself in writing introductory paragraphs, I just have to get more in touch with my creative side. After the rough draft, the students of the class would bring their papers to the course and would get into groups to peer review the papers. This would helpful to receive the views of our peers to help edit our assignment. After the peer review of the rough draft, the next step of the writing process was the revision. The revision was when we take the…