What I Learned in English 1100-40 in College Essay

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As I look back into my high school years, I thought I wrote papers well. But then coming into a college environment, my papers were mediocre. By overlooking at my past papers, I found that they were unorganized, sloppy and had bad use of diction. From now on, I will use the tools I learned in English 1100-40 as a foundation for the future papers I intend on writing in college. Following the criteria of organizing ideas so that they flow, impacting the reader with diction and also by being creative, will help become an ideal writer. Following the criteria of staying motivated in short and long term goals, taking responsibility for actions and finally the ability to study well will help me develop into a supreme student. I have always had …show more content…

The flow of a paper is essential for a great paper. Paper flow means that a paper is organized in the best way possible. Logical transitions are also important for the end of the paragraph for a paper to be more easily read. If a paper does not flow, then readers would have a hard time understanding the paper. I have always struggled with my creativity aspect. I do not have much of an imaginative personality, so I grapple a little more with writing papers that with people that have raging imaginative personalities. Having a creative paper is important for the reader to get intrigued to what the writer is saying. Like in my first paper we had to write, the memoir, I had to use personification to describe a car accident I was in. I had a lot of trouble with this, due to my lack of creativity in my writing. However, with a lot of effort, I was able to succeed in writing my memoir using personification. Diction is important. Word choice is key to a flawless paper. If people use words of little significance, takes away from the paper. I found using a thesaurus to find a better word is a great way to spice up a paper and make it a more interesting read. In past papers I have wrote this year, I have used words such as: plethora, incident, endorsed, anguish, depletes, culprit, institute, ratiocination. Using notable and worthy words can impact the paper completely. It can make or break a paper. Lack of diction would result in a boring, uncreative paper that

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