Back At The Fire M A Short Story

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Back at the fire nation docks run by commander Zhao. Zuko, Khai Li, and Iroh were currently listening to resent battle plans told by Zhao himself. He was facing a map of the world on the wall of the tent, showing all four nations and the various landmarks. Zuko had his back to Zhao still angered by having to be in the same tent as Zhao, Khai Li sitting next to him on his left trying to give him some sort of comfort for this situation, while Iroh was to the right side of the tent looking at the various spear-like weapons Zhao had collected.

"And by years end, the earth kingdom capital will be under our rule." Zhao concluded, turning to face them. "the fire lord will finally claim victory in this war."
"If my father thinks the world will …show more content…

"Unless you've found some evidence that the Avatar is alive," Zhao replied, Zuko's head shooting up from where he was looking.
"No," Zuko replied, looking away from Zhao once more. "Nothing."
"Anything you would like to share Khai Li?" Zhao asked.
"No, we haven't found a thing." Khai Li replied quickly almost stuttering, trying to avoid Zhao's gaze while cursing to herself how stupid she sounded as Zhao turned back to Zuko.

"Prince Zuko, the avatar is the only one that can stop the fire nation from winning this war," Zhao informed, getting up from his chair where he had been sitting and walking closer to Zuko, getting in his face. "If you have an ounce of Loyalty left, you'll tell me what you've found."
"I haven't found anything," Zuko shot back at him keeping his cool. "It's like you said, the avatar probably died a long time ago, come on Khai Li, Uncle, we're going,"

Zuko got up from his seat, walking forward, after bowing and saying her farewells to Zhao, Khai Li close behind Zuko when the guards inside of the tent pulled their weapons in Zuko's path and two new guards grabbed Khai Li by her arms to keep her from attacking or moving, one of Zhao's subordinates walking forward into the tent, going past Zuko and Khai Li to get to the commander's side.

"Commander Zhao, we integrated the crew as you instructed." the subordinate said. "And they confirmed Prince Zuko had the Avatar in his custody and allowed Khai Li to

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