Back To The Future Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Using the films The Graduate (1967) and Back to the Future (1985) I will be analyzing the way film music has changed and stayed the same over the years. Both films were eighteen years apart but used many scores by famous musicians who topped billboard charts and differed in their inspirations of how the music was created to capture certain moments in the films. First film music to be discussed is The Graduate film scores which have famous tracks from Simon and Garfunkel such as, “Scarborough Fair” which uses primarily string instruments and reflects on the struggle of the main character perfectly by showing how he has conflicting decisions on how to regulate himself in the various relationships. “The Sound of Silence” …show more content…

Music in the film was very fast tempo and used percussion instruments and string instruments to enhance the experience for the viewer. One of the special aspects is the use of electronic utilities to achieve a modern rock and roll vibe. Popular songs in the film are “Back in time” by Huey Lewis and the News is one of the main music pieces used throughout the movie it uses the electric guitar and the organ which are key pieces in the band. The orchestra was conducted by a larger group which could perhaps cost the studio more money and using a band with less players could have solved that problem. “Power of Love” also by Huey Lewis used in the opening scene of the movie to show the lead characters’ vigorous attitude and inkling towards becoming a rock and roll superstar by strumming his guitar and using music that is very loud and can be not very appealing to some. “in Back to the Future, it’s also maybe one of the best scenes in the whole movie: Marty plays the Chuck Berry hit “Johnny B. Goode,” three years before Chuck Berry wrote and recorded the tune in 1958” (Mackie 1). Back to the Future also borrows from pre-released music which is a similarity with The Graduate. Using popular music in The Graduate allowed for newer films released more than a decade later such as Back to the Future to use popular music released by Chuck Berry in 1958 to show the significance of time

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