Background Information On Healing Hearts Essay

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Background Information on Healing Hearts • Healing Hearts is a program set up to help foster kids deal with their grief and the other “big” emotions that accompany being in foster care. Julie Walls founded Healing Hearts nine years ago. I worked with the preteen group with ages from seven to twelve, but Healing Hearts also caters to teens, and the foster parents. Volunteers staff all of Healing Hearts. In the preteen group we have six volunteers in total. Healing Hearts is held in an old bank building in Newport News, our group meets on the 6th floor of this building in a conference room. As a volunteer, I was responsible for helping conduct the art projects that were used to help the kids express their feelings. I was also expected to monitor the Volcano room, a room where the kids were allowed to play with various toys such as, balls, jump ropes, a mini trampoline, bubble balls, and a giant stuffed man named Max, that they could beat up. I was there to help the kids find a safe way to get their feelings out. Contextual Information • I chose to do the service project because I love volunteering. When I was younger, I volunteered many places including a camp counselor for 5 years. Volunteering is a great way to help your community. It provides you with a valuable experience that is hard to find anywhere else, because you get to meet great and inspiring people within your community, while also being a helping hand to someone else. Volunteering helps shape young individuals
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