Background Of The Affordable Care Act

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ACA - Affordable Care Act
What is Affordable Care Act? According to Investopedia, the ACA is defined as a law that was sign by Obama in March 2010, in order to expand and cost less for people to have health care protection [1]. Not many people agree to have Affordable Care Act, and that includes people from one of the parties that are known as a Republican. This act helps and provides health insurance of a person from the lower/middle income, however, not many people can qualify to have a health insurance. Then, when the Tax Day comes, people without a health insurance are getting a fee to pay up. Also, the ACA helps business where employees can get a benefit on a health insurance plan [2]. As of today, with a new president,
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The QSSI was responsible for creating the main page of Where people can be able to access some information before creating and decided which plan they are willing to choose. Also, the QSSI equipped the site that transfers the data to a better secure place in order for the information on the “customer” can be safe from harm. The, Equifax is responsible for verifying the data in order for “customers” to view if they are eligible for a plan and get help, when they have an active account. Lastly, the Serco is responsible for the applications to be collected and processed before a certain deadline that the health plans are deciding to process [4].
Affordable Care Act In the days of the ACA was initiated there were probably some problems that it started to act up, meaning that is going the wrong way. According to John Goodman, some of the problems are the mandates and the lack care access. The problem with the mandates of the ACA is that the rise of spending health care will not have a high-income growth. The reason is that the laws of the ACA are changing and getting stricter. That means there will be less spending on Medicare and hospitals. In a total, the cost of having a plan for a normal family will cost a lot more than it was
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