The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Affordable Care Act

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Haitham Mishal
Engl 1A 0013
Prof. Nathan Connolly 21 November 2017

Affordable Care Act What is the Affordable Care Act and is it going to succeed or fail? The affordable care act is a law passed by the Obama Administration in 2010. This piece of legislation was passed to make health insurance affordable and accessible for all Americans. A lot of people refer to the affordable care act as Obamacare due to the fact that it was passed when President Obama was in office. The affordable care act was a major milestone for the United States in health care reform. It was the first time the United States passed a law that created a form of universal healthcare. There are many factors in the affordable care act that have a significant effect on Americans, and are a major part of the affordable care act. In this essay i will discuss these factors of the Affordable care act and show the effects of them whether they have positive or negative effects. One major change that came with the passing of the affordable care act was the issue of pre- existing conditions. Before the affordable care act, people with pre existing conditions, that tried to buy insurance would either be denied or would be given extremely high premiums. With the passing of the affordable care act now insurance companies that take part in the program are not allowed to deny these people coverage. Many citizens with pre-existing conditions were having trouble obtaining or keeping their health insurance before this
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