Ban Sugary Foods Should Not Be Removed

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Some argues that currently, almost one third of Americans are obese and obesity rate is considered as sum serious nation epidemic trend, and is thus, associated with 300,000 individual’s death each year. While there have been numerous debates on whether to ban sugary foods, sodium products in the vending machines at schools, not many realize its cost of regulating such products; and its effect to civilians due to the cost associated with it. Upon performing my research on numerous articles, it is thereby agreed that unhealthy food should not be removed. Moreover, throughout my research it has come apparent that healthy foods are generally expensive, and their availability is limited. Instead of depriving consumer’s choices and focusing on small-scale changes, the government should focus on the educational side of teaching awareness and implement new food policies to meet meal standards revised by the officials. Considering the rate of obesity and its consequences of in-taking poor nutritious foods, it is comprehensible as to why there is a necessity of removing junk foods. However, a complete restriction on food that does not satisfy the federal standard is a bad idea stated by Sherri McGinnis (2014). In addition to her statement, the study also found that the removal of low nutritious food could potentially increase consumption rates of such from vending machines, a la carte lines, because students can still purchase anything they wish to consume through an outside
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