Bandura & Rotter, Molly Ringwald Character from Breakfast Club

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Bandura & Rotter, Molly Ringwald Character from Breakfast Club

The reinforcement for Clair’s behavior was mainly dependent on the approval she received from her popular peer group. She has a notion that she needs to be “popular” or approved in order to be seen as better in her school. Reinforcement would also be abiding by her parents so she is able to shop with her families wealth. After she had bought something materialistic, it makes her feel good. There was a battle of the reinforcement values in this movie. One was, as stated above, to seek approval of her older known peers known to be stuck-up, condescending, and popular. The other is reinforcement of a more positive virtue. This virtue is as stated, thinking independently and
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Clair, by the end of the movie, did show some deviation in her expectancies by being more empathetic to others and independent with her thinking. This showed that she had an external locus of control but was starting slightly to pitch off to the internal side of the E-I scale. But none the less, my estimation would say that she has a way to introspect before she gets out of the predominately external territory. The interactionists view from Clair’s standpoint is her need for approval and popularity around peer groups and social situations.

Expectancy of Clair is shown to be low at the beginning of the film, but brought up after the group discussion. Her expectancies become more internal via introspection of herself brought on by group advocation. The advocation may have been harsh and blunt at times, but it helped in the functioning of Clair finding other ways to think about herself, old peers, new peers, and parents. I believe this shaped her character in a positive way to think for herself instead of a group-think automaton looking for approval from other condescending teenage girls.

Firstly, Clair was using her expectancy outcomes. Her competency became more prevalent, she seemed more concerned about advancing her newly independent self and peers (The Breakfast Club). This could mean Clair would be more open to a self regulatory plan.
(Bandura) A personnel agency became more prevalent within Clair as time went

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