Banning Written Texts Should Not Baned Books

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Until recently, the trend of banning thousands of time-honored books was routinely taking place in public libraries and schools across the country. Presently, many censored books are prevailing on library shelves and remaining in the hands of students. Without a doubt, banning a book entirely deprives people of being able to think differently and learn about new topics. However, censoring books is an exceptional way to allow those who are easily offended to read a written work without raising an eyebrow. A person will still comprehend the idea of a censored text, while not becoming insulted by it. Written texts should not be banned because people should be able to choose for themselves what they wish to read, but written texts should be censored for people who are sensitive and feel a text is too provocative or offensive for them.
Banning a written text is wrong and unacceptable for numerous reasons. Banning a text limits people’s point of view and keeps them in their comfort zone; people are able to choose for themselves what they want to read. Limiting society’s point of view is a crime; people will forever be narrow minded and unable to form their own opinions, if this continues. For example, the article “Book Banning Endangers Majority Values,” states, “Conservative materials on the issue of homosexuality are disappearing from the collection, or more often, never appearing in the first place” (Harvey). Many books directed from the conservative standpoint, which is

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