Barack Obama 's Influence On America

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Chapter 9
Obama Popularity

Did you know that Obama is viewed more positively than Ronald Reagan was in 1988? A study completed to evaluate Obama 's approval found that, on average, he was viewed 52.1% more positively than Ronald Reagan was at the end of his second term, but not as positively as Bill Clinton was at the end of his.
Since Obama’s childhood he dreamed of becoming president one day. In an interview with VOA 's Indonesian Service, Obama 's third-grade teacher said in a class assignment, he wrote that he wanted to be president. The assignment was called, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Since his election as the United States’ 44th President, Obama has elicited a number of public perceptions regarding his personality
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He was often called “no shock Barack” or “no drama Obama”. However, perceptions of such temperament are not without drawback, as he has often been accused of not being emotional or angry enough to satisfy the public.
Obama is a golf enthusiast and is rated as begin on par with former President Bill Clinton. He also appeared on Vanity Fair’s list of ‘best-dressed’ people. In March 2013 the Guardian listed him as one of the fifty best-dressed people over 50. Not many presidents can say that!
In a poll conducted in more than forty countries, a median of 65% said that they have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs. Only 27% of respondents did not have confidence in Obama. Overall, Obama remains much more popular globally than his predecessor, but opinions vary significantly across nations and regions. Chapter 10
Obama Legacy

Obama will always be remembered for his foreign policy; however, he will primarily be known for the diplomatic overtures in China, Cuba, and Iran, the former concerning climate change and cyber security, the middle being a total thaw in relations, and the latter concerning fissile material stockpiles.
The greatest blight on his foreign policy legacy will not be the intervention in Libya, but rather the use of expanded drone warfare (unsanctioned by the Pakistani government)
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