Barack Obama's Overall Positive Performance in his First Year as President

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Last year, America has elected a new president, the first American black president Barack Obama. As what all other presidents have done, they made so many promises during their campaign, in order for people to support them and win the votes to become president. President Barack Obama used the word change as his campaign tagline last year. It triggered us, the people around the world, to have the interest on how Obama has brought changes to the White House, to the political map in the United States of America, and to the world. It is also important to know how much Obama changes the image of the America to the better, how he cleans up the previous government’s mess, and the overall performance of Barack Hussein Obama in his first year of…show more content…
Although Obama has little economic background (he was a lawyer), he did quite a number of acts in order to improve the American economy and ultimately lifting the world’s economy standard which was crushed completely last year. He tried to overcome bankruptcies with encouraging new companies to form with less or no tax imposed on capital gain in newly formed businesses. He also followed the way Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht of improving the economy too, by making mega-projects for road-building and other infrastructural projects to absorb the workers and keep them away from unemployment. At the same time, he tries his best to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible by passing the Emission act, etc. so that he keeps the balance between ‘health’ of the earth and economic progress. Further discussion on Obama’s attempt to improve the relation of America and the world; he promised that America will “never be in war with Islam”, but only to extremism instead. Through this one sentence that he mentioned, he quickly regained and recovered America’s image in the eye of the Muslim world. At the same time, he gives the impression that America put much effort to keep the peace in the world. His charisma and personality helps to improve the image of America too. A member of the House told Huffington Post that Obama

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