Barbie Will Forever Be Changed From The Classic Tall, Thin, And Blond Girl

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A few days ago I was sitting at my desk waiting for one of my classes to start. I was casually scrolling through Facebook when an article caught my eye. I stopped and clicked the picture to read more. I read about the release of the newest line of Barbie. Barbie will forever be changed from the classic tall, thin, and blond girl she was to a unique doll with a variety of body shapes and sizes. When I read this article I was filled with mixed feelings. How could they change Barbie? To me the whole point of her is that she is the unobtainable plastic, stereotype of the “perfect” body. I have heard controversy in the past about whether or not she sets an unrealistic body standard for little girls. I did not believe that Barbie could have any effect on anyone’s views of what “beauty” is, until I considered the issue more closely. Then I began to form numerous of questions. Where do these ideals about beauty come from? How is beauty portrayed? What type of effects do these standards have on people? In 2016 members of American society are constantly overwhelmed with images of “beauty.” We see gorgeous size two models with perfect hair and perfect features, in magazines, on billboards, in television commercials and in our favorite television programs. How does media effect self-body image? The use of media has grown exponentially in the last century. Media can take many different forms like radio, newspapers, magazines, television, and websites. It is a form of communication. It
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