Bare Essentials of Computer Cleaning and Maintenance

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Increasing Computer Speed and Performance: The Bare Essentials of Computer Cleaning and Maintenance

Introduction With computers now central to the day-to-day activities of almost all businesses and many individuals in the developed world, ensuring that the machines are running as efficiently and as cleanly as possible is of great importance. A slow computer can cost a business real money or cause significant delays in an individual's task completion, and a truly slow or disorganized computer and especially a computer plagued with a virus or other malicious/defective software can lead to data loss and other major problems. While there are a variety of products and services offered that promise to improve computer speeds by cleaning and optimizing the data and programs on a given machine, there are also some simple basic steps that can be taken by even novice computer users to improve speed and performance and help to avoid problems that can be caused by computer clutter and damage. The following paragraphs present an outline of the first steps users should take to improve slow computer performance and maintain efficiency and security.
Clean Up to Speed Up A very basic understanding of certain components and mechanisms that enable computers to work is helpful in understanding the reasons computers need to be properly maintained and the means by which this maintenance can be accomplished. Computer speed, after initial hardware limitations, is a function of the
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