Baroque and High Renaissance

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Baroque and High Renaissance are two very important periods in art history, during that time a lot of different forms of art were created which include architecture, painting, and music. Baroque is just another word for having flashy symmetrical decoration. It’s a style that started around the 1600s in Italy and with its popularity it quickly spread around Europe. High Renaissance artist displaces the importance of draftsmanship, structured, and often-centralized compositions. Many artists quickly rise to stardom during these eras. This paper compares and contrasts these two art periods with the works created by great artists such as Marcantonio Franceschini who lived during the Baroque period and Mariotto Albertinelli who lived during the High Renaissance period.

Baroque style of art was not always popular it has had a bad reputation since 18th century Neoclassicism as irregular, strange, or otherwise departing from conventional rules and sizes. Baroque come form the Portuguese word barroco which means imperfectly shaped pearl. It implemented a propagandistic stance in which art was to serve as a means of prolonging and rousing the public’s trust in the Catholic Counter Reformation Church; it quickly became the official art of the Church. The artworks produced in the Baroque era were both sensuous and spiritual, while the true to life treatment made the religious image more available to the average churchgoer. Baroque artworks have seven elements, Classicism,

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