Barriers to participation

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Women in the UK includes people from many different nationalities, religions and cultures. Some cultures have rules or traditions about right of women to participate in sport, or about women playing sport in the same place or way as men. Sport is a great way of meeting new people, but the team might think that if a woman joined a mixed gender team they might feel that they won’t have the ability to play in their team. It they were the only female in the team they might have problems mixing with the team because they are female and the team might think they will bring the team down on their performance because they might think that she is weak. Women have only just started to play sport because it the past they weren’t allowed to participate in sports like football and rugby, because society thought that women weren’t physically able to perform sports, society thought that the women had to stay at home and cook and clean and look after the children because they are thought as weak and don’t have the ability to perform like males at sports. In 1916 the Amateur Athletic Union held its first national championship for Women. Sport is still thought as a male dominant in schools and women may feel that they are competing with the males and they might get dishearten in sport because they feel inadequate in that particular sport and this will cause the student to try less in all sports. Women can perform at any stage in the sports development continuum, because women can perform at

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