Bart's Theory Of The Classical School Of Thought

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Bart’s management style when first hired at Galaxy Toys in 1969 consist of areas that made up the Classical School of Thought; scientific, administrative and bureaucratic management. The Classical School of Thought is the first theory of management and is the basis for all other theories of management (time line week 1). The focus of the Classical School of Thought is to manage organizations more effectively. Scientific management is the study of work methods to improve efficiency, suggesting that management should take complete responsibility for planning the work and making sure that workers primary focus was implementing the plan that management had in place. Fredrick Taylor was an example of scientific management. Bart focus was being efficient and to that Bart had a keen understanding of tasks that needed to be completed along with hiring and training the workers to the point that all workers could complete and perform tasks in an efficient and effective way.
The theorist that Bart tailored the most is Fredrick Taylor. Taylor focus was on increasing worker productivity and advocating a scientific study of tasks. During that time, the focused was on creating work processes that looked like assembly line, time and motion were calculated and precise which was the best way to complete a task. Taylor’s contributions to the field of management were important and helped to create the base for the Classical Organization Theory. For example, a few of Taylor

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