Baseball World Series Affect On Kc Economy

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Baseball World Series affect on KC Economy For my research assignment I chose the affects of the Royals winning the World Series on the economy in KC. The purpose of this paper is to show my step-by-step research process. I chose to research this topic because throughout my entire life I have been a huge Royals fan and watching them win the World Series was an insane experience. I was interested to see how the economy in KC was affected after the win and the parade in downtown. My first step in the process of researching this topic was to access the KU library resources, such as articles and database that relate to the World Series, Royals and Economy. For the first time in 30 years, the Kansas City royals won the World Series. Not only was this win monumental for the royals record but also it was an amazing game that was won in extra innings. The excitement in KC was unimaginable. The parade brought out what was estimated at about 800,000 Royals fans. Since the Royals had not won the World Series in 30 years the city went wild. This monumental moment in history meant lots of spirit wear sold and lots of advertising and moneymaking opportunities for local businesses. The parade in down town KC brought in customers for any and all businesses. I want to know exactly how the royal’s win affected the economy in KC. Economic analysis, Jeff Pinkerton, reports that the growth in economy is dependent on out of state money being brought in. When people already living in KC spend

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