Basic Education And Physical Education Curriculum

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Standards have not always been a part of the regular Physical Education curriculum. Physical Education curriculum was determined by the teacher or school district alone, and had no clear objectives as a whole. Curriculum only had a common goal and did not take into consideration how the specific goal was going to be met. Standards sets on an outline that a teacher can use to create a curriculum that clearly outlines the Do standards help if they are integrated into the physical education curriculum? Both sides will be uncovered and reveal information relating to the teacher’s stance, on whether they disagree or agree with standards being a crucial part of everyday curriculum. The reasons opposing standards in physical education curriculum are given a potential solution. Setting aside our personal preference as educators, students benefit much more from a curriculum because, it sets a Physical Education is taught in schools throughout the nation. Shape America, formerly the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), developed standards for Physical Education classes. Each grade level ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade is assigned five standards (Shape America, n.d.). As students get older they are taught to develop locomotor function and concepts for healthy living. When the standards are met, they help promote a lifelong understanding of healthy ways to keep physically active. Most states, like California, follow standards based on the
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