Basic Principles Of Communication

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The Basic Principles of Communication Alethea Lester COM200: Interpersonal Communication Christi Renzi October 23, 2017 The Basic Principles of Communication We will never know everything there is to know about relationships with others or ourselves because the communication process is complexed (Bevan & sole, 2014). Communication is the main key to being successful in any relationship, whether it is business or personal. Communication is the interaction between two or more people who share meaning through messages that is either verbal or non-verbal messages through contexts (Bevan, J.L, & Sole, K. (2014, section 1.4, para. 2). In order to become a competent communicator and avoid miscommunication, one has to acknowledge and …show more content…

The students are medically fragile and severely handicapped. However, there is one student that the assistant work with more and know more about. The student has seizures if he is over stimulated. The assistant knows how to not over stimulate him. The student loves to look at lights on the ceiling, however too much can set his seizures off. One day the teacher decides to work with the student. She is over stimulating with the lights. The assistant is trying to tell her what she was doing was too much for him. The teacher over talks assistant and responds before it is her turn to talk. The teacher do not listen to the assistant. However, she keeps doing what she is doing. Before you know it, the student is having back-to-back seizures and 911 has to be call because the seizure will not stop. This leads to miscommunication because the teacher is not listening and disrespecting what the assistant is trying to communicate to her about the student. The results of the teacher not listening to the assistant while explaining how too much lights can over stimulate the student could make the situation uncomfortable and cause complication with student and the assistant. One challenge or barrier that is caused by miscommunication is misperceptions. Misperception is the broadest challenge of interpersonal communication (Bevan, J.L., & Sole, K. (2014, section 1.3, para. 12). Since the teacher was not

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