The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Explain How Communication

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The Purpose of this paper is to explain how communication between doctor and patient, nurses and patient and nurse to doctor is imperative to the patient care and outcome. To define, and discuss the seven principles of patient-clinician communication, and how, I apply three of them in my everyday clinical settings. In Addition, I will be discussing three methods of communication which can improve communication outcomes regarding patients and clinicians, along with given personal examples. Last of all, we will define and give an example of four ethical principles are applied in the patient-clinician along with explaining the importance of ethical communication and safety when it comes to my patients. Principles of Communication …show more content…

With dealing with patients the clinician needs to make sure the right information is given to the patient and that other options are available if need be. Along with this information the clinician needs to discuss the benefits, risk, and cost and be understanding to the patients’ needs of what they can or cannot afford along with any cultural problems that may hinder the patient to completing the care plan. In order to give the right information, there needs to be transparency and full disclosure by the patient. This is important because the patient’s medical history along with the family medical history, their concerns and preferences are all taking into account when given the appropriate care. The last principle is called continuous learning. This is very important because the clinician can give all the information to the patient that he wants and the patient themselves may agree to everything they said, but the question is did they understand it? With all affective communication, the patient needs to explain what was told to them what is it they agreed upon and explain how they will go about doing it. After the explanation is completed, then any updating or changes to the care plan or assessment can be implemented. As a nurse, I use most if not all of these throughout my day, for when a patient is

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