Essay on Batman Verses Leeann

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“Batman” She shouted
“I finally figured it out I’m going to call you.” She said with the biggest grin on her face. “You are my dark knight so batman is the only name that fits”
From that day on everyone started calling me batman. People create nicknames based upon their own needs. Some need a new insult others need a change, a fresh start. All must encounter the same problem at some point in time. What does this nickname really mean and when does it begin to take your place in life.
I had to ask myself at what point did I start sharing my life with an internal monster. One that thrived off of attention, power, and the weak will of others. At what point do you notice that you are no longer you. I quickly became Batman also known
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To me your name is a memory that you should forever hold on to. It is your direct link to the past, present, and future. It is your heritage and it is how you should be remembered. She argued that birth names were as bad as brands on cattle. I wrapped her response around my brain until it cut off circulation. I couldn’t help but pass out in exhaustion and frustration. Questions dancing a deadly tango in my head. I could no longer think rationally like Leeann, soon all my thoughts and ideas were processed like Batman. There was something in this nickname that I rebelled from. Fighting a civil war within myself, attempting to be the victor. This isn’t what I signed up for when I came to college.
They say college is a place where you find yourself. Where you make important life decisions like what clubs you will join and who you will interact with. Most people find themselves but I somehow managed to lose myself. I lost myself in the limelight of college the parties and this intimate yet destructive relationship. Somehow I found myself in her, she had given me something I didn’t know I was looking for. She gave me a name with meaning, she gave me a strong image of reality, but most importantly she gave me my first regret.
Nicknames are intimate things given from person to person. No matter their nature nicknames are attached to strong emotions may they be negative or positive. You are given a name based on you or the persons needs at that point in time. Angelique needed a
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