Batman Vs. Superman Compare

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In the 1930s two characters appeared in comic literature that became icons of pop culture. Batman and Superman are the golden boys of DC comics and are considered the most popular of all superheroes. Being around for over seventy years these two have acquired a near endless fan base of all ages. The two kings of comics have often been portrayed as allies, though they have different views on situations. The argument of who is truly the better hero has been around since their creation. To compare these two juggernauts we must look at their defining traits; origin of the hero, their alter egos, and of course their strengths and weaknesses. First let us look at the man of steel, Superman was born on the planet krypton. Krypton was a …show more content…

Superman also is weak to radiation given off by a red sun. This radiation has often been artificially created to weaken Superman by his arch enemy Lex Luthor. While these two weakness can physically harm Superman his biggest weakness is in the love and compassion he has for all life but especially that of Louis Lane. Superman has shown affection

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