Battlestar Galactica Essay

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Battlestar Galactica is a story of betrayal for those who created the cylons. The story is a classic scenario that entails man creating machine and machine turning and destroying man. Battlestar shows heavily a sub text of anger that is distributed by the people through the way of the government. The episode shows great emotion and intensity amongst the lead characters by throwing power into the mix of drama.
The characters in Battlestar Galactica show the state in which humanity reacts in the time of great defeat. This is shown immediately when the Secretary of Education is sworn into presidency. She almost instantaneously reacts throwing out commands in all directions. She believes that whatever she says is the correct way to react and …show more content…

The captain did however have the right idea of keeping the civilians clear and distant because in actuality that amount of people, fifty thousand, would have slowed down any major attempts to do anything. While both of the leaders had good points they both lacked in one major problem which many companies, corporations, and governments lack today. They seemed to leave out what was best for the people. The president had the right idea, but she cared more about saving people then thinking of an exit strategy, yet the captain had ideas but didn’t care about the actual safety of the people. This subject not only creates controversy in the show, but relates back to the real world and the controversy between whether or not our government is actually here to help us, or whether they are just here with their own selfish purposes.
The Story of Battlestar Galactica is a deeply intriguing and sub textual story filled with betrayal and fear. The show hits heavy with ethics and the weaknesses and strengths that a government can have when it is thrown into an unknown situation with unknown outcomes. Battlestar Galactica shows the faults in humanity and can show us, as humans, how to overcome some of those faults.

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Battlestar Galactica is a story of betrayal for those who

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