Execution and Results in a Crisis Situation

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Execution and Results in a Crisis Situation Group C Keerati Trantien Kewalee Auwattanasombut Olav Emblem Richard Diring Rozana Sahami National University Dr. Iraj Mahdavi July 25, 2015 Execution and Results in a Crisis Situation 1. In the Kirkpatrick and Shane article, several leaders are mentioned including President George W. Bush, Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff, and FEMA Director Michael D. Brown. Briefly evaluate each of these leaders on their overall effectiveness at Managing Execution and Driving for Results. Manage Execution is the way for a manager to designate, cooperate, monitor, and keep up the assignment (Quinn, 2007). Drive for results is the way to achieve the goal with others and through…show more content…
A dependence grows between employee and leader in which the employee has grown accustomed to the leader giving orders and directions, and makes every effort to follow such guidance to the letter. This dependence does not bode well in situations of high stress and shortened reaction times. As General Honoré stated, the first part of the leader 's job is to "set people on the right path" (“A Military General’s Leadership Lessons,” 2009). This happens when the leader gives the initial order. In this case, it was to evacuate the people out of harms way. The plan was then laid out for the authorities to execute. What happened, was that the dependance the authorities placed on the plan of execution did not allow themselves to modify the plan of execution when the situation changed. The leaders were bossing the authorities around in such a manner that the "right path" and desired end result were forgotten. When this occurs, and the execution loses all forward motion because the initial plan is not being followed to the letter, the leaders who were barking orders have to devide their time up between coming up with a new plan and then desiminating it to the proper authorities. A leader who motivates the execution, works WITH the execution. In order to motivate, a leader needs to be involved with those he or she plans to motivate. By involving themselves with the execution, they are doing more
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