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Few films line up a cast this talented and deliver a movie this devoid of entertainment. And so jot down, if you are scoring at home, that Baywatch is one of 2017's worst films. Painfully, gratingly unfunny, straining for every joke and chuckle, and delivering a beach mystery straight out of a contrived 1980s T&A flick, this movie is so poorly conceived, no amount of CPR or resuscitation can save it after it squanders any potential within the first 10 minutes.

About the only thing that works here is a barrage of putdowns levied upon the chiseled Zac Efron by Dwayne Johnson. The chemistry between the two superstars is obvious and easy, but the material they are given is so generic and shoddily crafted, we groan and wince and shake our heads …show more content…

Concurrently, a deadly drug known as Flocka has washed up on shore and was found on a party boat that burns up in the water, killing a city councilman (Oscar Nunez).

I wonder how all of this connects.

At 116 minutes, Baywatch is interminable to sit through because it is so bland and not funny. This plot, this conflict, is so simple and easy to figure out, that by a half an hour in or so, you know exactly where this movie is going to end up, and there is still another 90 minutes to go. Joyless, save one running gag where Johnson continually calls Brody by teen pop culture references, these characters have no depth, the film doesn't have any energy, and it may very well be the most boring major studio comedy in years.

Director Seth Gordon seems to have completely checked out with all of this. His movie has no pace, no tone to connect with. He wants to have it nasty and gross-out funny, but he also has dramatic moments and his silly drug/crime subplot. There are action sequences, shot against such obvious and unintentionally terrible CGI, you realize this is an outright failure on every …show more content…

Jason and the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th on their resume. They haven't produced a script in eight years, so how the hell did this script get a pass and a $69 million production budget?

Wait. $69 million, huh? Okay. Neat. I see what you did there. (Exhales loudly).

Baywatch fails to even get its cameos right. It is no secret that Hasselhoff and Anderson are involved here, but they are given the benefit of the doubt that simply showing up will make us laugh and smile. What Gordon doesn't seem to realize is that most of the audience likely interested in this movie will not even have a clue who they are and why they matter.

Good, talented actors try their best here (Johnson especially commits to trying to get all of this over), but they are all hung out to dry. Gordon has seemingly lost his ability to tell a story and the screenplay is credited to a couple of hacks who apparently drew inspiration from a steady stream of Beverly Hills Cop movie knockoffs from the 1980s. What a waste of time and energy for all

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