Bba 8th Sem Report Purbanchal University

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background An internship is the period of supervision training required for qualifying for a profession. It follows a specified number of academic creditor and classroom years. An internship program is an educational plan which combines classroom theoretical knowledge and practical work experience in industrial, business, or government work situations. These help students to have opportunity to signify academic theories and principles to action, to test out career interests and to develop skills and abilities through carefully planned and supervised programs related to the career of their choice. Internship is a practical section of the BBA course required to be done by each and every BBA students.…show more content…
The more important function used in computer for performing daily banking transactions and setting up accounts is Pumori Plus software and the software helps to perform all the activities of various department as required. PCBL, one of the major financial intermediaries whose primary function is to transfer of monetary resources from the savers to the users. This section includes the study based on the internship period and the various tasks performed during the stay in bank. During these 8 weeks, I was placed in Customer Service Department, Remittance and Cheque Clearing Department. The activities I performed in the organization, during my internship on the basis of the departments are as follows:- Customer service department in there the various activities perform were:- It is very crucial department where numbers of customers make face-to-face interaction with the staff of PCBL. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after purchase. Customer service department is one of the busiest as well as the major department of bank where the interaction of the customer is the most. * Opening new account for the customers visiting the bank. * Account Reactivation. * Closing of account * Informing about the banks product to the customer. * Suggesting type of product and services suited to customer. * Printing balance statement for the

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