Beach Profiling : A Beach

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Stabilized Spit
A sand spit is an extended portion of land which is right ahead of a beach generally formed by the deposition of sediments brought by the river. As written by (Bhate, 1980) a stabilized spit is the flat sandy plain immediately behind the narrow beach but relatively at a higher level. The major stabilized spit seen was at Talashil 16°06’12”N, 73°27’29.6”E. This has formed by the sediment deposited by the Gad River over many years.
Beach Profiling
Beach profiling includes recording the lateral profile of a beach at different places along the beach and comparing this data over a range of time. As given by (Huggett, 2011), the profile of a beach is determined by the size, shape, and composition of the beach material, the tidal …show more content…

These are formed by the abrasion of the river bed by some pebbles and the swirling action of the water. As pebble are carried in a stream they may get stuck in small pits in the river bed. As the water current continues to flow, it swirls the pebbles around causing more abrasion and making the pit even wider and forming a pothole. Eventually more pebbles enter and the action continues causing the potholes to grow I size. Very large potholes were seen in a stream at Devli 16°00’58”N, 73°30’10”E. Since the stream flows over an active fault zone, the constant upliftment of the stream maintains its gradient and causes the water to flow faster creating larger potholes.
Landslides are erosional processes which cause the downward movement of a rockmass under the influence of gravity. Landslides occur when a steep sloping mass of land detaches from the rest and starts sliding down. This is mainly due to rainwater percolating the soil and making is more plastic thus making it easier to flow. A landslide was identified at Devli 16°00’56”N, 73°30’10”E. Here, a portion of the hill in the background had sled down due to rainwater percolating the soil and weakening the rock. The slide escarpment was easily identified by the concave shape of the slide plane and the trees leaning backwards on the fallen landmasses. Surveying
The idea of surveying is to find out relative distances of objects from a point. By definition, surveying is the art of finding

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