Beaten Down Labyrinth

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How will you change this poor evil labyrinth and make it able? Clearly there’s a lot to be changed. The three things I’d do are abolish cancer, this illness is just a way for innocent people and families to get hurt. Next get rid of social contracts, social rankings are just another way for people to make others feel worthless. Then make nations whole again, our countries are more worried about what benefit’s them instead of what benefits everyone. If I could change this beaten down labyrinth, I would mend cancer. A decent amount of the world’s population gets killed or diagnosed with cancer. This awful disease is harming and killing innocent victims. Families of these victims suffer as well, knowing their family members are suffering. I had an aunt by the name of Linda, who was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing she had this illness hurt our family. She’s why I’d get rid of cancer if cancer had never existed my aunt would still be with us today.
Since we’re fixing things lets go ahead and fix social contracts. People acting better than one another because of their last name or how much money they have. …show more content…

Ending wars would mean there is less suicide from army soldiers. Soldiers get so stressed out from wars they think the only way out is death. Family members get a lot of worry when it comes time for the militia. The thought of losing some kindred to a war drafting would cause much grief. Wars just cause a lot of hurt and pain not only to those who have to participate in them but those who are the family members. If we could end wars, no family member wouldn’t have to go through the absence of a loved one. I have a cousin named Matthew who is a marine I care very deeply about him. I’d prefer not to worry about him while he’s gone in the marines or worry about losing him. Changing our nations and teaching them to whole again would cause less refuge and cause much

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