Beauty Is A Timeless Obsession

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Beauty is a timeless obsession. In these days, physical beauty is paraded and idolised. The desire in pursuing a beautiful face and the dream body figure can be seen as a needs in an individual’s life that must be fulfilled accordingly. The beauty obsession in human’s life has already started back in 1400 BC, whereby it is believed that people especially women who lived during the ancient years were exposed to beauty. All women from back then had some sort of regimen to maintain their beauty and their beauty ritual maybe considered as ultra-luxurious as the beauty products were invented from natural ingredients such as milk, almond oils and honey to maintain their beauty. They were really depending on ingredients which can be found in nature. As the beauty care has evolved over the years, people is now served with dozens of brands with hundreds of variants of beauty products. …show more content…

This undeniable facts has been proofed based on a research by The Beauty Company from United Kingdom in which they have concluded that the beauty industry has the ability to survive and less affected during the global economic hardest time. In addition, according to a statistic provided by Asia-Pacific Cosmetics and Toiletries Market Overview 2010, RM 1.6 billion were spent by Malaysians every year on beauty care products.
The recent market needs has associated beauty with health and wellness as people nowadays are living in a hectic life and therefore the combination of beauty and wellness products are seen as crucial in rejuvenating their looks and body. The potentials of beauty and wellness industry in the market can be seen through its continuous growth and evolution whereby it gives a lot of opportunities for those who are interested to start up a business. Therefore, young Malaysians who are aspired in business should venture in beauty and wellness

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