Becoming A LINK Leader Essay

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I am interested in becoming a LINK Leader for a second year because it is satisfying and exciting knowing that I am helping freshmen adjust to a huge, new school. LINK Leaders was extremely helpful when I was an incoming freshman, so I want to make the new students feel as welcome and as comfortable as I did. Throughout the year, it gives the freshman a familiar face to see in the halls. I really enjoyed getting to know my group of freshman and being a LINK Leader for a second year will give me the opportunity to get to know new underclassmen and connect with them. If I were a superhero I would want my power to be able to see the future. If I was able to see the future I would be able to stop a lot of bad events from occurring. Also, I do not like surprises, so it would be great to know when, where, and how certain things will happen. Although, being able to see the future could be scary, it would be exciting to know when big events will occur. Most of my after school activities include playing sports; swim in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring. I also have a job at Moe’s in South Windsor. I am a part of the Interact Club, where I volunteer at school events as well as volunteer at …show more content…

My partner and I got all the students to share things about themselves that made them open up and feel comfortable with the group. I also was punctual to all of the mandatory monthly meetings, so that shows dedication. Lastly, I always had a positive attitude around my freshman from FFD, other LINK Leaders, and the LINK teachers. However, I did have weaknesses. When it was well into the school year, I did not do a good job communicating with them because I never really saw them, and when I did we were both passing through the halls to get to our next class. I could have emailed them periodically to check up on them, but I failed to do

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