Becoming A Nurse: A Personal Analysis

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Growing up in a third-world country, Cambodia gave me a real life view of a community with limited access to healthcare services, and that resulted in poor health outcomes. When I was two years old, my family suffered a great loss. My mother suffered from a disease and that caused her to be extremely weak. In spite of all efforts to save her, using what available funds we had, she still passed away. I will never know her true cause of illness as my father only vaguely explained the circumstances of the death to me. Losing her was devastating. This and other experiences helped me recognize the importance people placed in healthcare.
For instance, I remember on this particular Chinese New Year holiday, a dog attacked me as I was walking around my neighborhood. My calf was bleeding. My father jumped on the motorbike and rushed me to one of the clinics close by, but they were not open because holiday hours. The government-run institutions were open, but unfortunately it was too expensive. He tried several other places, as there was no luck. During that afternoon, a doctor just happened to be closing down his clinic …show more content…

Being faced with the challenge of living in an unfamiliar environment empowered my sense of curiosity and strengthened my foundation of perseverance. I have found these qualities to be valuable in school. My interest in science is drawn from my appreciation of the comprehensive knowledge base it offers and my interest in nursing care is dated back in my younger years. I am hoping to build a foundation to undertake the duties of a nurse by using intellectual, diagnostics, and cross-functional collaboration to manage the healthcare of people whose care are entrusted to me. I hope to build on this by attending Georgia State University School of

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