Becoming A Nurse Practitioner : My Experience And Overall High Level Of Education

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Some of the most important values, skills, and knowledge that I have acquired through my Regis education steams from faculty, rigorous coursework, lab experience and overall high level of education. The faculty are very interactive with students and present knowledgeable findings in scientific research. Specifically, the biology professors have pushed me to ask more questions and to gather information on my own. Through this, I have gained an understanding on life outside the classroom and outside Regis. What life could be in a research laboratory or facility. The biology major program has definitely shaped the scientific person I want to become. Although I am not extending my education in biology, but rather turning to graduate school in nursing, I will always carry the values and knowledge I learned in biology. I think being a biology major will help me more in the long run of becoming a nurse practitioner because I will have a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of how cells interact with each other and how they work with our body systems.
I have worked in the microbiology laboratory for the past 2 years, as a microbiology laboratory prep assistant, where I was recently promoted to Head Microbiology laboratory prep assistant. This position has had a great impact on my experience at Regis College because I have learned what working in a laboratory entails and have developed a work ethic that I am proud of. I work with other professors filling orders and have helped…

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