Becoming A Nurse Scholarship Essay

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Being a child who was born with asthma, I spent much of my childhood in and out of the hospital. At the age of seven years old I had an experience that I will never forget. I was once again hospitalized due to an asthma attack and during that admittance; I was blessed to be in the presence of a nurse who expressed interest in my dream to one day becomes a nurse. Upon leaving the hospital the nurse (who I to this very day truly believe to be my guardian angel) prepared me with some gifts that consisted of toy-like nursing supplies (thermometer, stethoscope, bandages, gauzes) etc. This true act of kindness instilled in me my calling of becoming a nurse. From that very day moving forward it was confirmed what my gift from God was, and that is …show more content…

However her days were short-lived due to a back injury that deemed her disabled therefore preventing her from practicing ever again. The first chance I had to activate my calling was as a junior in high school when I took advantage of a nurse aid-training class that was being offered. This preparation course provided the basic skills necessary to becoming a nursing assistant. Unfortunately upon graduating high school life took me on another path. Some years later I found my re-training again as a certified nursing assistant and that path I remained for 7 years. I began taking classes at a local community college in an attempt to work towards completing my Associates of Nursing degree. Once again I found myself distracted with life and circumstances that eventually ended my studies. I eventually completed my BA in Business Administration with a Healthcare Management focus. Shortly after completing my degree I got married, had my first and only son and continued to pursue my career path working in education. I can honestly say that I have yet to find the peace I found working in healthcare. Every path I have taken (career wise), has led me to a dead

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