Becoming A Socially Connected Introvert - Without Exhausting Yourself

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Becoming a Socially Connected Introvert - Without Exhausting Yourself
By Lynette Crane | Submitted On May 23, 2014

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Expert Author Lynette Crane
I read the introverts forums, I watch the comments, and I feel a little dismayed. "Why won 't people leave me alone?" "I don 't like small talk, so I avoid people." "Being around people is just so exhausting that I spend all my free time alone." "I hate even the thought of networking."

One gets the impression that all introverts are grumpy, asocial and even hostile to people who desire more stimulation and activity in their lives (OK, extroverts).

Unfortunately, good health and success are tied to the high quality of the relationships we form. Isolation is not.

It doesn 't have to be that hard. Fortunately, I know introverts who are highly successful in personal and professional life, especially relationships.

My friend with whom I traveled is an introvert who has a wealth of supportive friends and a successful professional life. Everywhere she goes, she seems to encounter someone who knows and likes her. If they don 't know her already, they will soon like her.

An outgoing extrovert? No, a lifelong

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