Becoming an Excellent Student

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It is very important for me to say I absolutely enjoy music and learning about their different roots and where they each originate from. Initiating this course I can say I over estimated myself with how well my grades would be. As time passed, I realized it was going to a little harder than I thought because many of the topics covered were completely new information for me. There were some of which I consider my favorite and others that weren’t so appealing. However, in the process of obtaining the best grade possible in this course there were several of the traditional values that are published by Alvernia University that helped me transform as a person and accepted the fact that failure is not an option, but it does help people realize their strengths and weakness and how to use that in a positive way to improve in becoming a more excellent student. One of the first traditional values of Alvernia University I believe I’ve always committed to is expecting more of ourselves. As mentioned previously, at the beginning of the course I had a lot of difficulty adjusting to the new information I was learning. After not receiving the grade I would have liked in one of the exams, I came to a conclusion; I had to work harder to achieve the grades I wanted, if the one hour class wasn’t enough. I continued to have high expectations and encouraged myself to study more frequently, and ask my classmates for clarification if were confused on any specific area of the course. Although some

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