Beer Industry Austlia Market Mix Essay

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Beer Industry

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1. Executive summary 2. Content 3. Micro Environment 1. Organization 2. Suppliers 3. Marketing intermediaries 4. Customers 5. Competitors 6. Publics 4. Macro Environment 1. Demography 2. Economic Environment 3. Natural Environment 4. Technological Environment 5. Political Environment 6. Cultural Environment 5. Product Strategies 6. Place Strategies 7. Promotion Strategies 8. Price Strategies 9. Conclusion

1. Executive summary

The beer industry has been around for centuries and is still growing strong as to date. This report talks about the macro and microenvironment and the 4 P’s of …show more content…

All these activities may end up adding to the cost of the product. For example, certain companies may feel that hiring a third party to move their goods from place to place is cheaper and certain company prefer to do it themselves and may lead to slightly higher cost. Organization usually hires advertising agents to come up with advertisements to promote their product to the public to create awareness and this can be very costly.

As such in the beer industry, advertising is a very important thing as there are many competitors out there and they more popular your product is the more channels of distribution may get created as pubs, clubs and stores will start to stock up their goods as they are well received by the customers and increases their revenues. The beer industry depends strongly on pubs, clubs and supermarkets as they are places where people usually hang out for a drink or purchase cartons of beer home and if the number of clubs or pubs are to drop, the beer industry have to find ways to promote awareness of their products to the public. And if there were to be a drop in super markets, the distribution of beer to the consumers will drop too.

3.4 Customers

Studying the customer market is a very important task as they are the one that buys your product. There are 5 types of market, the consumer market, business market, reseller market, government market and

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