Beethoven Was A German Composer ( 1770-1827 )

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Introduction Beethoven was a German composer (1770-1827). His early achievements, as composer and performer, show him to be extending the Viennese Classical tradition that he had inherited from Mozart and Haydn (Kerman). The time period between 1801 to 1802, Beethoven had begun to realize that he was gradually becoming deaf. The immediate results of this devastating discover was withdrawal from his glittering social life: “I find it impossible to say to people, I am deaf,” he wrote (Taruskin). As a result, he began to compose in an increasingly individual style, and at the end of his life he wrote his most sublime and profound works (Kerman). His major works include 9 symphonies, 11 overtures, 1 violin concerto, 16 string quartets, 9…show more content…
By the age of twelve, after establishing a local reputation as a piano prodigy, he was appointed assistant to the Electoral court organist (Taruskin). At eighteen, Beethoven took over some of his father’s duties as singer and instrumentalist (Taruskin). When he was nineteen, Beethoven wrote two cantatas- the first cantata on the death of the emperor Joseph II and the coronation of Leopold II, Joseph’s successor (Taruskin). These cantatas were shown to Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), who was passing from Bonn en route to England in 1790, and received his approval.
As a result, in 1792, the Elector arranged for Beethoven to study with Haydn in Vienna, which marked his “decade in Vienna” (Taruskin). His training with Haydn was short-lived, as Haydn was summoned back to England in 1794. Beethoven then studied counterpoint with Johann Georg Albrechtsberger for a year and Italian poetry with Antonio Salieri (Burkholder). During Haydn’s absence, Beethoven began to make a name for himself as a virtuoso piano performer and improviser at the piano. He performed in public concerts and gave piano lessons to well-to-do students. He also became the darling of the aristocratic salon set (Taruskin).
During his first decade in Vienna, Beethoven wrote a number of piano works, which included sonatas, variations and shorter works for piano (Burkholder). Since Beethoven was a piano player himself, his early works consisted more of
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