Beethoven Was A German Composer ( 1770-1827 )

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Introduction Beethoven was a German composer (1770-1827). His early achievements, as composer and performer, show him to be extending the Viennese Classical tradition that he had inherited from Mozart and Haydn (Kerman). The time period between 1801 to 1802, Beethoven had begun to realize that he was gradually becoming deaf. The immediate results of this devastating discover was withdrawal from his glittering social life: “I find it impossible to say to people, I am deaf,” he wrote (Taruskin). As a result, he began to compose in an increasingly individual style, and at the end of his life he wrote his most sublime and profound works (Kerman). His major works include 9 symphonies, 11 overtures, 1 violin concerto, 16 string quartets, 9 piano trios, 10 violin sonatas, 5 cello sonatas, 32 piano sonatas, 20 piano variation sets, the opera Fidelio, Missa Solemnis, Mass in C Major, the song cycle An die ferne Geliebte, over 80 songs and numerous other works (Burkholder). His works and career are divided into three periods: the first period from 1770 to 1802, the second period lasting till around 1812 and the third period from 1813 to 1827.

The First Period: “Bonn” and “Vienna”
Beethoven had mastered the musical language and genres of his time and gradually found a personal voice (Burkholder). His ‘first period’ was divided into two periods: his youth in Bonn and his first decade in Vienna (Burkholder).
Beethoven was born into a family of musicians. His grandfather and father…
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