Behavior Management Approach Essay

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Judith Ortega EDU-450 October 25, 2014 Jayne Marie-Yenko Behavior Management Approach Teachers must understand that they may face students with different kinds of disruptive behaviors in their classroom. It can be by far, one of the most worrisome issues teachers may come in contact with. Unfortunately, even when taking steps to prevent disruptive behavior, one can never guarantee a disruption -free class. This is why it is important that teachers are prepared with a plan on how they are going to approach such situations. In the scenario to follow, a teacher faces a disruptive student in class. The goal of the teacher will be to use her behavioral approach to diffuse the situation and not allow it to escalate any further by…show more content…
Adams: “Layla, please stop talking and complete the morning assignment”. Layla then turns around to sit back in her chair only to turn back around and begin talking to Jessie again a few minutes later. Ms. Adams: “Layla, let’s talk outside for a moment”. Ms. Adams’ list of consequences states that students will get two verbal warnings before consequences go into effect. Talking to Layla outside of the classroom is the second warning. She does not want to embarrass Layla at all. Ms. Adams would actually like to speak to her in private to find out what is going on without her feeling embarrassed or get the other students involved. Sometimes when students feel embarrassed, they can act our more just to cover up the way they feel and the way they assume their classmates are looking at them. Ms. Adams also does not want to make Layla an easy target for getting teased by her fellow classmates. Ms. Adams: “Layla, is everything ok?” Layla: “Yes.” Ms. Adams: “Are you sure? You know you can talk to me if there is something bothering you or if there is something you want to express and share with me. It is important to always use your words to express how you feel.” Layla: “I know, but there is nothing wrong.” Ms. Adams: “Ok, so what is the classroom rule about talking?” Layla: “We must raise our hands for permission to speak.” Ms. Adams: “So why are you talking when you are not supposed to? You are not following the rules when you do that”. Layla: “I just wanted to
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