Behavioral Learning Strategies Used During Instruction And Learning Comes From Operant Conditioning Theory

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One behavioral learning strategy used during instruction and learning comes from operant conditioning theory. This theory involves positive or negative reinforcement or punishment, which focuses on strengthening or weakening of voluntary behavior (Hoy 2012). Operant conditioning has played a huge role in enhancing my own learning. I personally use negative reinforcement consistently throughout my learning process. For example, I study many hours for exams and work diligently on assignments and experiments to remove the aversive consequence of failing or not doing well on my schoolwork. Studying and working hard in all my classes has greatly enhanced my learning in terms of my educational goals as well as knowledge about myself and how to push myself to extend beyond what I assumed were my limits. By studying and working hard, I have been able to achieve great knowledge in the foundations of biology and have gained admiration and respect for the discipline, which in return encourages me to continue learning and thus enhances my learning. During my fieldwork experience, I observed a few behavioral strategies used during instruction that seemed to have a positive effect on the classroom as a whole. This type of observation did not just occur one time, it occurs continuously throughout all the observations I have witnessed. I will focus on a particular example of a discussion that occurred during a lecture on speciation, when the teacher used positive reinforcement to

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